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is Botox for Me and what are the types of wrinkles we get?
When frown lines are very deep and have been around for quite a while, Botox cannot eliminate them at first. The wrinkle may be just too deep and very established to simply disappear. Botox however can make that same wrinkle less visible. Your doctor that has been doing this for many years can usually tell what a wrinkle will do when treated.
So ask your doctor what he/she thinks will happen so you will know ahead of time, that your wrinkle may only be reduced and not completely eliminated. Either way you will be happy with your results, and the improvement you will get. Occasionally your doctor may recommend additional treatments, this may be an in-office injection of a filler material such as collagen.
Worry Lines – this wrinkle is a horizontal line across the forehead. Worry lines are a great candidate for treatment and injections weakening the muscles that create worry lines will reduce the wrinkle and over time could eliminate it.
Crows Feet – this wrinkle is just outside the eye. Crows feet is a wrinkle caused by a circular muscle made of concentric rings radiating outward from the eye. Weakening of this small section of the muscle reduced the appearance of the crows feet.
Laugh Lines – are wrinkles that run from our nostrils down to around the corners of our mouths. The muscles that produce a smile are actually attached to the undersurface of the skin along the laugh lines. When these muscles contract, they pull up on the undersurface of the skin, allowing us to smile but also creating an indentation.
Anti Wrinkle Creams or Botox Melbourne:
Wrinkle creams come in all forms some using all natural ingredients and some using the latest that technology has to offer. So which one is right for you? Well there may be no way to tell right off, because of all the variations in skin. Some peoples skin is dry, some oily, some young, some in the middle. So which one is right for you?
Most wrinkle creams cost quite a bit, that is because some of them are worth every penny. Some may not work for you and will be a waste of money. The good news is many anti wrinkle cream companies offer free samples. You can try before you buy.