Triathlon VS Golf: Which Sport Is More Expensive?

The desire to get involved in a sport is one that certainly shouldn’t be ignored. But what if you’re faced with a decision that requires you to have to choose between two equally appealing activities? Chances are, you’ll have to find some sort of factor that will allow you to reason with yourself when selecting one over the other. For example, how much it will cost you to play that sport is a factor high on most athletes’ lists. For this purpose, we’ll take a closer look at whether you’re better off participating in triathlon of golf, based on which sport is the most expensive.

There’s truly no need to break the bank when playing either sport, but there’s equipment that’s essential for participation. As stated on Active, it’s more likely than not that you already have a lot of the equipment you need. Particularly for beginners who are more concerned with participation as opposed to true competition, the most basic gear will do the trick. However, there are still some must-haves.

Every triathlete certainly needs swimming gear, which includes a swimsuit, goggles, a swim cap,  and a towel. The swimsuit you choose is relatively important, however, so you may have to go out and buy a different one than the one you typically spot on vacation. For guys, tight brief-style suits work best and for women, a one- or two-piece suit with a T-style back is most efficient. If you have goggles that fit and are functional, they’re perfect! Swim caps are usually provided at the race but it’s always good to have one of your own just in case. As for the towel, any old towel will do!

But that’s just one third of the sport! For the biking portion you’ll obviously need a bike. If you already have one, there’s a good chance it will do just fine, whether it’s a mountain bike or a road bike. However, if you have a mountain bike, you’ll want to replace the tires with smooth ones for speed purposes. You also may want to pay attention to the seat on your bike. Can you bike for miles without wanting to scream out in pain? If not, you’ll want to invest in a quality bike seat. You will also be required to wear a helmet during the race so you’ll have to make sure the one you own is in good enough shape or you’ll have to purchase one.

For the running portion, you’ll want a shirt, running shoes, and a water bottle. A lot of races don’t allow bare chests during the biking and running portion, but sometimes women are okay without a shirt thanks to their swimsuits. If you’re in need of a race-appropriate shirt, you’ll want to buy something snug-fitting and synthetic as opposed to cotton. It’s also important to invest in a good pair of running shoes. They need to fit properly and comfortably and should fit your specific style of running. Nike offers a lot of great triathlon gear.

While those are the basics, there are additional optional pieces of equipment that a triathlete may want, including bike shoes, clipless pedals, sunglasses, bike shorts, running shorts, a flat tire kit, a digital sports watch, a running hat, wetsuit lubricant, and non-cotton socks. When all is said and done, as stated by Fox Business, the cost of training for and participating in a triathlon can cost several thousand dollars, particularly dependent on how much is spent on the bike.

So what about golf? To participate in golf, you’ll need the obvious equipment like golf clubs and golf balls, as well as golf tees, a bag, golf club covers, and golf shoes. To golf more comfortable, you’ll want additional equipment like sunglasses, a hat, appropriate clothing, an umbrella, a golf cart, and towels.

It makes sense for a golfer to first start with the clubs. Typically, an amateur golfer purchases a full set of new or used clubs. A set often includes two woods, a driver, numerous irons, a sand wedge, and a putter. Additional clubs can be bought individually but aren’t required to play. The same goes for golf balls. There are all kinds available but it’s most important that you simply have any at all. Often times tees can be provided, but it’s always a good idea to come prepared with your own.

As for the golf bag, you can typically find a set of golf clubs that are sold with a bag good enough to accommodate your needs, so theres no need to spend extra on a fancy bag with intricate amenities. When it comes to finding the right shoes, you’ll want to purchase rubber-cleated golf shoes that are comfortable enough to wear for a full round on the course.

Additional amenities like the golf cart are most often provided as part of the cost to play, which means there’s no need for you to go out and buy your own. However, something like a golf umbrella can change the way you enjoy the game and just may be worth the splurge. For someone spending hours in the sun, a golf umbrella that costs less than $60 is worth every penny.

The average round of golf costs $36, according to Golfweek, which is far cheaper than the average of more than $100 per triathlon, according to the blogger behind Jess Runs. With that being said, when looking at both sports in their entirety, it may soon become relatively obvious that triathlon is the more expensive sport. Of course, that doesn’t automatically mean you should stick with golf. If you’re a runner, biker, and swimmer at heart, you’re going to be much happier battling it out in a triathlon than you are on the green. But if the peace and quite of a long, relaxing game of golf is more your style, you can sit back and relish the idea that your sport is certainly more cost-effective.